Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I spy with my little eye...something Red.....

Whoa. Take a look at this one... This is yet another testament to how great our former Pope, JPII, was. Under constant fear and knowing spies were about him, he fought off communism and helped defeat the Soviet bloc. Not many people are cut from that material anymore.

Cardinal says Vatican informers spied on Pope John Paul for Communist bloc

ROME (AP) - Priests working in the Vatican for Poland's secret services during the Communist era extensively spied on Pope John Paul II, a Polish cardinal was quoted as saying Tuesday.

Jozef Cardinal Glemp, the primate of Poland, was quoted by Italian news agency ANSA as saying John Paul was monitored on orders from Moscow by clergymen who collaborated with the feared security forces who kept tabs on Poles' daily lives under the Communists.

John Paul was "spied on, and how," Glemp said on the sidelines of an interfaith meeting in Assisi in quotes confirmed by the conference's organizers. "In the Vatican there were spies. Moscow had every interest in knowing what was going on in Rome with a Polish pope" in office.

John Paul's staunch opposition to communism, is credited with inspiring the rise in the 1980s of Poland's pro-democracy Solidarity movement, which helped end Communist rule in 1989.

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