Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mother Theresa of Calcutta

From EWTN:
Mother Teresa of Calcutta died on this day in 1997. She dedicated her life to helping the poor, in India and around the world. She was beatified in 2003 and her cause for canonization continues.

Just the other day I rented "Mother Theresa", the made for TV movie starring Olivia Hussey. I knew virtually nothing about her except that she worked in India with the poor, and people would occasionally say things like "they're no Mother Theresa."

The biopic was pretty decent. Olivia Hussey did a great job. It was world's better than those John Paul II television movies they had on a year ago. Way better... But it still wasn't big screen worthy. You'd think that with a personality like hers they'd be able to make a better than mediocre film. Other personalities of lesser value achieve better movie-dom. For instance Ray and Walk the Line were about musicians and were both outstanding pictures. Why not our towering Saints?

Regardless of the film's production or how much respect it gets on its own merits, by all accounts it was accurate. It portrayed both the ups and down, the sacred moments and the scands that Mother Theresa encountered throughout her life. When watching it I was hoping I had not missed her feast day yet.

Surprise, its today - September 5th. I'm going to remember to do something for it. Perhaps a fast or something else for charity's sake. I think it would be a good day for that.

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