Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Baronius Douay/Missal Arrival

I just received my package from in the mail. When they say "2-3 Weeks Media Mail" they apparently mean it. It took 2wks+1day to get here. I thought that was just a CYA. Anyway, it arrived.

First impressions on the Douay-Rheims bible from Baronius is that its one big book. I ordered the Flexible cover which I expected to be sort of flexible yet hard. Not so, its flexible alright. Exactly how I wanted it. The text is super crisp and there are actually more footnotes than I anticipated. On the outside cover the print isn't exactly the cleanest but its decent. The leather quality is nice. I get the impression it was made to last which is a good thing.

Now for the 1962 Missal...

This is an absolute respository of all things Catholic. Wow. Its absolutely wonderful and every person in the Church should own one. Regardless of whether you live within 500 miles of a Tridentine parish, get this missal. It even includes a mini-catechism. Literally, if for some reason the world blew up and an alien race came to earth 10,000 years from now only to find ruins of a long lost civilization, they could accurately recreate the entire Catholic faith if they found just one copy of the missal.

In a way it kind of makes me sad...because I look at this and think "This is what the Church gave up after Vatican II?" Its really quite beautiful and includes so much more than modern missals. I'm not knocking the new mass, but I am going to wait to buy one of those missals until the new translations (and perhaps B16 changes?) are published.

I'm definitely going to do a write up on "The Churching of Women." :-)

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