Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pictures from my Travels...

I thought I'd post some pictures from my travels across the state. I've been on a state-wide tour for work that takes me from my home of northeast PA across the bottom of NY state down near Erie, PA - down past Pittsburgh, then Altoona and eventually by way of the Philly Area all the way back to NEPA. Quite a journey. Here are some pictures thus far...

Sunset view from Wyalusing Rocks - Wyalusing, PA

A church area along interstate 86 in lower NY state.
It has stained glass, appears to be shaped like a cross, and has men's and women's bathrooms for trancepts. I kid you not. You think I would snap a picture of a highway rest stop for nothing? Even the inside looked like a knave.

This is a picture from my first hotel, which is the Riverside Inn in Cambridge Springs. Really and amazing place. No television or telephones in the guest rooms, so it is quite old school. Checking in feels like a time warp. I love staying there. More pictures follow...

This is the main lobby of the hotel. Taken in black and white for effect. ;-)

This is sort of the "second lobby" or lounge complete with working and used fireplace. Great stuff.

A quick snapshot of the grounds outside the hotel. Unfortunately I've never been here when it wasn't raining. Still, you can tell how nice it really is.

More photos and blogs on other topics as I travel around the state! Have a great day.


Moonshadow said...

looked like a knave

Is this an intentional pun? Funny, if so.

I traveled along 86 this July en route to a high school reunion. It was a complete mess! Most of the towns along ol' 17 were boarded up and out of business.

My husband and I vowed "never again" and took the Thruway home to Jersey.

Would have liked to see this rest stop, 'though. Very interesting. About where was it, if you remember?

Matt said...

Hey moonshadow -

The rest stop was in Western NY state along i86 in the Indian area. Not sure exactly where, but somewhere out there!

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