Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Negative Nancy #1: Apple Haters

There are two sets of "Negative Nancy's" out there right now that I wish to comment on. These are two things which of course, I am very positive about: and justifiably so for that matter.

Nancy #1: Apple Haters


I have heard so many people complain about the new iPhone its really absurd. "It doesn't do this, it doesn't do that, it only has this much space, blah blah blah..." Shut up. The thing is beautiful. I can't stop from drooling over the demos and the Nancies know their in the same boat as I am. This thing is revolutionary because as of right now, "smart phones" as they are labeled are almost exclusively for business people (just like the PC was at one point - enter: Apple) This takes that smart phone technology, triples it, makes it user friendly, fun, and engaging, and combines it a product that nearly everyone owns these days: the iPod.

"But its only 4 or 8 gigs." Give it time. You think thats enough space for Steve Jobs? Probably not. But just the same, I don't think that's going to hurt this product at all. The win is in the user interface, which looks fantastic. Goodbye stylus, you are no longer needed. Goodbye keypad, your days are numbered. Apple has managed to use the entire face of the device to do whatever it wants, all while running OS X.

"But But...." The power is in the Widgets my friend. Widgets are able to be created by nearly anyone and for that matter, created for whatever you want. Want a widget to just tell you the Yankee scores? Fine, someone's probably already done it. A Widget to tell you what time it is in Amersterdam? Done. How about a webcam in Tokyo? Ok. THIS COULD BE ON YOUR PHONE.

"Its pricey!" No, its not. An 8gig iPod nano costs $249. Many smart phones cost around $400 and don't come close to the amount of features this thing has. If you have both devices, which MANY MANY people do these days, you are already looking at $649. Essentially, Apple has just put the two together for less and made them work together like nobody else could or ever will.

This thing is the revolution Jobs said it was because it absolutely will change the way we view communications. Which is seemless integration between all of the digital media in our lives with telephone, movies, tv, email, and the internet. That means we take everything with us always...our iPhone syncs with our computer, which syncs with our television, which is all done through (what else?) iTunes. This is how Apple intends to rule (benevolently of course) our world.

If nothing else, here's one reason to love them: Apple took the price of an album bought in a brick and mortar store from $20 to buying it online for $10, legally. Thanks Steve.

But I too am a Negative Nancy on one thing:
No, its not the iPhone. And no, I don't care that its only on Cingular, either. I'm upset that the Apple tv set top box is only compatible with widescreen tvs. Because honestly, a widescreen tv has no real value to me right now, though the Apple tv absolutely does. Lame.


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Timothy said...

You can always get a converter box to show widescreen video on a standard 4:3 TV screen, we're all going to have to do that someday. Broadcasters are already shooting most everything in 16:9 (widescreen tv format) and many TV shows some are already letterboxed for your pleasure (example... NBC's major shows/dramas and Late Night w/ Conan... if they were shown in 4:3, standard format now people and things would be cut off.)
All movies of course and some TV shows shoot widescreen, but many directors/studios/tv networks still frame everything in the 4:3 screen but the day will come when they will just say 'screw you' and move on to 16:9 completely.

Timothy said...

Can I say 'screw you' in a blog that talks alot about religion? I guess I just did, twice.

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