Monday, May 07, 2007


Ok, I promise no more silly puns. But seriously, I finally got my Wii. The story goes like this:

After leaving Spiderman 3 on Saturday afternoon I decided to make another attempt to track down a Wii. Knowing Wal*Mart would have them "sometime" this week on a super secret day known only to a select few, I decided to scrap my plans to get it there. So I did the most illogical thing - I went to one of the busiest video game stores in the area, a local EB Games.

When I arrived there were other people shopping around in the store. To those hoping to get their hands on a Wii, the scene was grim. I approached the counter to ask the question I had asked a half dozen times before, expecting the store clerk to roll his eyes at me in response. After all, the question "Do you have any Wiis?" is probably the most asked question they get these days, followed by the inevitable, "When are you getting more?" I can imagine it would get annoying.

Well, I asked and the answer was (half whispered):
"No, but they do up at the Gamestop."

Me: @#$%@&@!!!!! (not cursing, just excitement)

I thanked him, asked him where it was and bolted out of there. I didn't run (I don't run) but definitely had a little bit of kick to my step. Luckily it wasn't very far away. I zoomed across the parking lot and out to the road. I had to sit through two painful red lights but when I got to the store it was surprisingly empty. So, I asked...

"Do you have any Wiis left?", a new spin on a tired question for sure.

Huzzah, they actually had one. The clerk said they only received 4 in the entire shipment. As soon as he put it on the counter some kid walked in with his mom and asked for a Wii. Jubilantly I now say: "Neeners".

I took it over to my friends Tim and Tracys' house and we had a great time boxing, bowling, playing tennis - you get the picture. By the time we finished we were pretty tired.

When I did get it home I immediately went to setting all the little stuff up. I created my Mii and downloaded Super Mario Bros. and Tecmo Bowl (my all time favorite football game) for the NES. The thing does web browsing, weather forecasts, and I can read news from all over the world. Its awesome, and thats just scratching the surface.

If anyone wants to exchange Wii numbers let me know, just shoot my an email through the blog or something.

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yinyang said...

Hello. :)

Neeners. That's funny. Yay for Wiis!

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