Friday, October 05, 2007

Some things I don't understand.

There are some things about the Church I don't understand. One of them is this seemingly endless upset regarding people who would like to attend the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. If you read across the Catholic blogosphere you can see accounts from everywhere of this bishop or that priest trying to restrict the EF. I don't understand why. The Pope has de-restricted it so now even Bishops Conferences are re-restricting it. I sincerely cannot fathom why this is threatening.

Part of the reason I joined the Catholic Church was its hierarchical structure. I understand it and appreciate it. I have no delusions as to those in the hierarchy being perfect men. But why then do they try and curtail the rights and longings of those pious faithful who wish to exercise their charism? The things they say are OBVIOUSLY hostile and downright against Summorum Pontificum.

In my mind this has nothing to do with doctrine. Though maybe people think it does. Why are concessions almost always made towards those of more liberal persuasion than that of the conservative? For instance Charismatics are allowed whenever and wherever they want. They can hold hand raising mass in gymnasiums without any approval necessary. But if we want to worship in the style of the Saints in a fashion in which permission has already been given by the Pope it is seen as divisive and dangerous.

The extraordinary form of the Mass is so beautiful and wonderful that to me it is the pinnacle of western liturgy. I understand not everyone feels the same way and can deal with it. I have next to zero problems with the Ordinary form of Mass celebrated properly.

The only conclusion I can come to is that "liberals" in any forum generally claim tolerance but deny its practice. They are tolerant to those who either a) agree with them or b) could care less. If you diverge from their views then its game over and hammer time. (Reference: Fairness Doctrine a la Democrats) They appeal to the masses (not Masses) by relativism which is an easy sell.

But not everyone who fears the EO is a liberal. Some of them are serious doctrinal conservatives.

Someone please help me understand a genuine reason to fear the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and deny its practice.

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Moonshadow said...

This is my own thought, from things I've read, assuming I've understood what I've read, without anyone to confirm my thought, so you might read for yourself:

The Orthodox consider the epiclesis of the Tridentine liturgy to be deficient.

From Wiki, emphasis mine:

"The Roman Rite, as celebrated from about the thirteenth century to 1969, also contained an offertory prayer that invoked God as Sanctifier, and thus perhaps implicitly the Holy Spirit, as follows:

"Come, Thou Sanctifier, almighty and eternal God, and bless + this sacrifice prepared for the glory of Thy holy Name."

Some Orthodox commentators, however, object to the Roman Canon on the grounds that its epiklesis is too weak.

When groups of Traditionalist Catholics have joined a canonical Orthodox jurisdiction with permission to celebrate the Tridentine Liturgy, they have been required to interpolate the epiklesis from the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom into the Tridentine Mass in order to correct this perceived defect.

No such difficulties arise with the additional Eucharistic Prayers introduced into the Roman Rite in its post-1969 form. Each of them has a pre-consecration and a post-consecration epiclesis."

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