Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adoro te Devote: McCain

Drudge today has a big picture of Our Lady Nancy with the following:


This is significant because it means the beginning of the end of for Romney and Huckabee. Though its not public, ya know what, it is. She not only supports him but allegedly ADORES him. Game over. Nancy Reagan is Republican -nay, American- Royalty or as close as we come to it. When it comes to First Ladies she is the anti-Hillary. She is and was a respectable, decent, God fearing, husband supporting, hard working, wife. A beautiful lady with a brilliant life.


Jeff Miller said...

I don't think so. Remember her advocacy for killing human embryos?

As someone who voted for and loved Ronald Reagan I don't remember conservatives ever being really crazy over Nancy Reagan and her wackiness over involvement with psychics. Since she is not even going to actually endorse him publicly I don't think it makes any difference and there are plenty of other factors that are pushing McCain that this makes zero difference.

ANawtyMouser said...


I find politics very hard to follow, but really appreciate all the information I find out here!

Check out my blog for surprise. :)


Moonshadow said...

People have such poor memories:

Reagan scared the bejesus out of me with his frickin' Star Wars project. All today's conservatives love is his economics ... which didn't work and doesn't work ... and his hardline against socialism/communism.

There's nothing in the Christian creed that compels me to embrace either of those two positions.

She is and was a respectable, decent, God fearing

She'll have to account for her consultation with Jeane Dixon (who, oddly, claimed to be a devout RC.)

Matt said...

Hey Moonshadow,

If you were scared of Reagan's "Star Wars" program then I believe it is a testament to how effective the program actually was. It was meant as a scare tactic for the Soviets. Are you a spy? [grin]

As for the economics, whether or not they worked, do work, or will ever work is up for debate and it depends on what aspect you are looking at and how to apply it. I tend to believe they do work in a general way. But I am not an economist.

For Nancy, Jeff is right. And as Ann Coulter said last night on Hannity/Colmes "we loved Nancy for loving Ron." She's not perfect but I stand by my statement that she is viewed as American royalty, especially with conservatives.

Moonshadow said...

Economists have said his policies don't work.

I was scared of Soviet retaliation which, we now know, was an impossibility.

Why not, then, hold him accountable for squandering money on unnecessary national defense projects?

A better read of the available intelligence would have allowed appropriate stewardship of taxpayer money ... but for all their romanticism of political intrigue, Republicans can't seem to summon accurate intelligence and seem destined to overspend in the wrong areas: foreign wars, etc.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ takes me in an other direction from supporting this type of public policy.

And, morally, I have a problem with the second marriage. Reagan is the only American president (to date) to have been divorced.

Peter said...

How about Ann Coulter saying she would vote for Hillary before she would vote for McCain because she's more conservative. Remember, McCain is no conservative, and neither is Nancy Reagan.

Vote Ron Paul, the only one with a shred of character.

lvschant said...

The remaining field is a bit depressing... I find both McCain and Romney not quite right on several issues... and Ron Paul, while nicely pro-life, seems a bit wacky on many other issues... However, any of the three would be preferable to either of the dem candidates... it is a strange election... vox feminae

Matt said...

Hey guys, sorry I took so long to approve your comments.

It appears everyone is right - and we're in for a shock - there is no perfect candidate.

I used to invest a ton of time and energy into watching/reading politics...until I came to the Church.

As a convert it is extremely refreshing to have the barque of Peter to holding onto in the raging waters of our culture.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton