Sunday, May 25, 2008


Today my parish had a (long) procession through the streets. Young and old followed our fleet of altar boys with a processional cross followed by Our Lord in the Monstrance. We even had a police escort to block the roads for us. As far as I know, there were only two of these in the whole diocese. One being led by our Bishop and ours by the Fraternity.

Especially edifying were the people who came out either onto the streets or on their porch to kneel. One family on their porch held up a large blue banner which read "BODY OF CHRIST". Another man left his porch and knelt in the road. One lady put out a Divine Mercy image and knelt next to it on her porch. Others who didn't know what was going on just stopped dead in their tracks. Who wouldn't stand speechless to a group of over a hundred people all dressed up and singing gregorian chant? If they won't come to see him in church, they we'll bring him into the streets for everyone to see.

And oh what a beautiful day the Lord gave us...

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