Friday, June 13, 2008

Review of "Where We Got the Bible"

This book hardly needs my endorsement or review. But I'm going to give my opinion of it anyway. This is an apologetic work and there is very little scholarly material here. It was published in 1911 and has been reprinted at least 24 times, probably more. Yes, it is that popular. In fact, Catholic Answers sells it in a newer edition than the one I borrowed from the parish library. The one I took out is from TAN Publishers.

The book was compiled using a series of Rev. Graham's newspaper editorials defending the Church against Protestant attacks regarding the Scriptures and their treatment of them. I think that is why most of the chapters (each article?) ends the same way and rehashes the same arguments by the end. At least thats how it seemed to me.

I'm going to summarize the entire book for you here. Consider this "The Message" version of "Where we got the Bible" Here goes:

The Bible didn't drop down from heaven. The Catholic Church put it together. We Catholics received the Old Testament, all of it, yes the longer one with 7 more books than the Protestants from the Greek version. Its always been that way until people took stuff out. Catholics love the Bible and our treatment and protection of Holy Scripture proves it. Before the New Testament was written the Church was already spreading the same message and Gospel. Then they wrote everything down but it wasn't completely necessary to do so. The Protestant Bible is deficient because it lacks the 7 Deuterocanonical books. The origianl manuscripts disppeared becasue of fire and bad people, regular use and wear. The claim that the Church hates the bible is absurd, and all you have to do is realize the work of the Monks to find that out. We owe even having the Bible to the Church and specifically the Monks who copied it thousands and thousands of times by hand over a period of 1000 years. Catholics love the Bible and our treatment and protection of Holy Scripture proves it. To say the Monks, Priests, or Laity didn't know the Bible over that period is absurd. Here's why: Everyone spoke Latin. Everyone who could read, could read Latin too because Latin was the universal language of Europe. The Medieval Bibles all got destroyed too - by fire and nasty people. But there were also vernacular translations. The first printed Bible was a Catholic one. Wycliffe is a heretic. Henry VIII said so. Tyndale is a heretic and he deserved what he got. Luther did not find the Bible in a closet for the first time. History proves Tyndale deserved it. After Henry VIII left the Church all kinds of error ridden Bibles appeared, tons of them. Catholics love the Bible and our treatment and protection of Holy Scripture proves it. The Douay bible is awesome!

I hope I did it justice. If you are Catholic and want a pick me up or need to learn the basics of where the Bible came from, then this book is for you. The book isn't anti-protestant but refutes their arguments.


Jeff Miller said...

It is also interesting that Henry Graham was a Calvinist before he entered the Church and became a priest. He wrote this book 4 years after he was ordained a priest and he was later appointed as a bishop.

The book is also available for free on the internet.

There is also a fairly new book out on the dutero-canonical books that is suppose to be pretty excellent.

Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger - Gary Michuta

Matt said...

Jeff, thanks for the comment. I'm going to link that book on my sidebar. I didn't know he was a Calvinist. I knew he was a convert though.

Gary Michuta was on the Journey Home a while back talking about his book. It looks interesting enough to pick up. Have you read it? I know you are something of a book fiend...


Victoria said...

I have this book and like other Tan books I have purchased the binding is terrible and the book has fallen apart.

There are a couple of places where the book is online but one of them has some errors in dating.

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