Thursday, September 25, 2008

Polling and Political Issues - quick thoughts

Looking a the polls over the past week, a few things have made me raise an eyebrow.  First, I am very doubtful of some of the new media polls, especially knowing some have been cooked in favor of Barry.  But what strikes me as most odd is that the people of the United States are being swayed in a direction you’d think would be repellent.


It is “obvious” the media is telling us, that we are in a huge financial crisis.  Ok, fine.  But now Obama is up in the polls.  I have to wonder why.  Why would people automatically think he is the one better suited to fix the financial situation.  He has zero experience in anything except running for office, showing up to work, and community activism.   He’s barely even VOTED for anything. 


Let me reiterate.  He has zero experience and now the country is leaning towards giving him the most powerful job in the world, all on the basis of thinking he can solve a “once in a century” financial crisis.  Would you hire this person to save your company?!  Would you hire someone with zero experience to make ultra-important financial decisions even for your own household?  No. 


So why do I think this is happening?  Because when things stink in a country, the masses RUN towards socialism.  Barrack is a socialist if there ever was one.  However he is only the mouthpiece of his party, the socialist Democrats.  We all know what else comes with socialism.  Socialized housing, medicine…abortion, and the list goes on and on.


The State becomes your God in socialism.  Someone at Church told me this week he thinks “electrification” was the beginning of all of this.  I’m beginning to think he may have a point.  Think about it.  Almost everything is at our reach now – instant gratification for all our needs.  Eventually you want non-electric things instantly.  If something goes wrong “somebody should really do something about that” becomes “the government should handle it.”

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