Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1066: Papal Support for William

From this website, Battle of Hastings 1066 in the UK come:

Duke William obtains Papal support

William was furious with Harold and the English! He intended to fight for the English Crown!

He sent messages to Pope Alexander II and obtained the countenance of the Pope to pursue his claim. Harold refused to recognize the Pope's authority!

A banner, blessed by the Pope for the invasion of England, was sent to William from the Holy See, and the clergy of the Continent upheld his intended invasion as being in the Cause of God, a Holy War, a Crusade!

Supported by the spiritual power, and having great influence, William proceeded to assemble "the most remarkable and formidable armament which the western nations had ever seen." Medieval Knights flocked to join Duke William and his 'local' Crusade!

With this massive powerful military force, and the religious backing, Duke William set out to take the crown of England! His plans for the Norman invasion began!

Harold refused the POPE. Bad move. Bad things happen when Catholics do that. Worse things happen when Catholic kings do that...such as...being decimated by opposing armies.

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