Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rorate Mass Reflection

This past Saturday morning I rose at 3:35am to get ready for our Rorate Mass.  Mass began at 5:45 but I had to be there an hour early for the choir. This is a rarity in modern Catholic life but around the country you can find them here and there.  I really wish I had a picture of all the candles - there must have been a hundred - but I noticed another choir member taking a photo with a cell phone which I will have to ask for. 

I related this to our Pastor afterward that this has become my favorite event of the year.  My personal meditation on this is that each candle represents one of us in some way and the light is Christ.  Christ lights the darkened world.  By the time the Sun rises and Mass is over the candles are no longer necessary. 

This is a symbol of the fact that once Christ returns the Mass will over.  Sometimes its stunning how the traditional liturgy and the Church in all its traditions can be seen on varying levels of symbolism and intricacy.  And its not just the use of candles...its everything.  Its every gesture of the priest, the melodies in the chant, the responses of the servers...all very stunning really. 

For anyone who would like to know, we sang William Byrd's 3 Part Mass, and the Propers from the Liber (as always) for the Votive Mass of Our Lady in Advent.


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