Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's MINE! Mine! Mine!

I just got in from having the dog out this morning. Sometimes after she retrieves her toy or ball or whatever she runs on the side of the house. When she did I noticed the edge of something that looked like a lawn chair behind the garage. I wondered if maybe someone else in the house had put one back there or something...but no...

It is a stupid white fence our neighbor has erected to protect the most unusable part of his property from our insidious empty barrel!

This is an unfortunate property line and ever since he built the house next door and moved in a few years ago different little things have popped up which mark his line in the sand. A line a rocks, a lawn ornament, a new tree, some sticks...things like that.

And its not like he is unfriendly. He catches fish in the lake and brings the extras over to us. We've had nice conversations up with this? This is the kind of thing people do in the suburbs, not in shady Northeastern Pennsylvania. For all practical purposes, we live in the woods. Yes it is sort of a development but we are definitely rural.

These are also new since the spring:

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