Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Well Loved NIV

I'd like to share something with everyone. This is the Bible I grew up with:

The New International Version. This is the Bible that got me through Sunday School and Youth Group and summer Bible (music) camp. I carried it every Sunday morning to the church. Every kid in our congregation who was entering the 3rd Grade got one complete with name engraving. We were able to choose the color though I don't remember doing that. My sister's has her name in rainbow with a pink cover. I remember others got blue Bibles. Mine came in maroon.

This is the Bible I faithfully memorized Scripture from. If you hear me quoting Scripture, chances are that it is still from the NIV. It was used and abused for many years and it still brings nostalgic feelings when I hold it.

It is missing some entire books of the New Testament. I think they are in the bottom of a drawer somewhere stored for safekeeping. Perhaps too safe. I'd love to get it rebound someday if I can find all the pages.

But why am I showing you this? Because while some of my posts can be a little bullish at times it is not for a lack of charity. I have a great deal of love for my Protestant brothers and sisters. After all, it was they who taught me to love our Lord. It certainly wasn't the Catholics. I like to tell people "the Presbyterians taught me to love Jesus. The Catholics taught me how."

In many ways you will find in Protestant communities a very genuine love for the Scriptures which is unsurpassed at the local Catholic parishes. That is something I have brought with me to the Church but it is not the norm for cradle Catholics. For that I am grateful to my dear old Pastor and Youth Group leaders.

Later in life, I have taken another direction but even still I will on occasion use non-Catholic Bibles where there is just no other alternative. I have found the NKJV to be quite an acceptable alternative.

My NKJV wide-margine study Bible.
Why can't we have a Catholic wide-margin Bible?

When I went to college I took the "new" Bible that I received at my grandmother's funeral the year before. It remained with me each year in the drawer next to my bed wherever I was living. Occasionally I would take it out and read it. But it wasn't really until my senior year when I saw an old nun with an eye patch on TV that it began to get more use. That of course was my 2nd beloved Bible: my Fireside Study New American Bible. ... which is another post.


Moonshadow said...

Great post, absolutely wonderful.

If I were to substitute "NASB" for "NIV," "college" for "grade school" and "Campus Crusade" for "youth group," the story would be otherwise similar.

Of course, I could have stood to memorize a little more Scripture! Who couldn't?! :-)

Matt said...

Thanks for the nice comment. I might do a few more posts along these lines. But every time I try to do a series I can't follow through. So we'll see.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton