Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Victory)

Just a few moments for a quick post.

I was reminded this morning of the first Rosary I purchased a few years ago. I bought it at one of the local Christian Bookstores...not the exclusively Catholic one. In fact this store has a Catholic "ghetto" section. But the Rosaries are right next to the counter. I paid $19 for it.

I had previously been saying the Rosary on my fingers because I couldn't bring myself to walk into a store and be seen buying a Rosary. Nor did I really want, at that point, anyone I actually knew seeing me with Catholic things. In the car I opened it right away and said a Rosary.

Since then I have collected several in my travels...some are sent free in the mail, one was given to me by a nice lady upon confirmation, I made a few upon hearing about Rosary Army, and I finally settled on an modest small sized wooden one. I am not into Rosary bling. There is something about a $500 Rosary that really turns me sour.

It also reminds me of the first Hail Mary I ever said. Yes. I apologized first to God like other converts. But Mother Angelica said it was ok... It went something like this: "God if this offends you...I apologize...but here goes..." Afterwards I realized that no apology was necessary.

This feast is also known historically as Our Lady of Victory. If you have never heard about the Battle of Lepanto, but know about a lot of other famous the Battle of Hastings (Oct 14th!) then give yourself an education and go read about it.

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Moonshadow said...

Very touching story.

I continue to apologize before praying the rosary but it usually runs ulteriorly as "May this glorify You and edify me." I didn't get around to praying one today ... prompted several times but never capitulated. I'll try again tomorrow. The bad economy has cut me back but I've acquired several crystal ones, running between $70 and $120 each. However, I am using a wooden one, now, too.

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