Friday, June 18, 2010

I'll be praying for you.

The Jehovah's Witnesses called today. Here is the conversation:

"Hi I'm (so and so) with the Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall, are you a Bible reader?" the caller said with a very chipper church lady voice.

"Yes, absolutely." I replied.

"Oh well I'm calling to invite you to [this big event at some massive place] where we are going to discuss God's love for us all," she said.

"I'm sorry but I won't be able to come, I'm Catholic."

"Oh well so was I!" she said with a great deal of excitement.

"I don't doubt that," I sighed, "Catholics do a poor job of catechizing these days. But you know I'm going to be praying for you because Jehovah's Witnesses are really just teaching a reincarnated version of an old heresy. You should look up the Arian heresy from the 4th century...."

I could tell at that point, given the know it all giggle she gave, that she wasn't interested in hearing what I had to say. I ended the conversation by simply saying "I'll be praying for you. God bless you now and have a good day."


Tom in Vegas said...

I've had JW's show up at my doorstep in the past, perpetuating (or attempting to perpetuate) their bizarre and daffy misbelief. On one occasion, I had my door just opened enough where a picture of Pope John Paul II was visible from the outside. They called him "the devil" after which a door was slammed in their face.

I wasn't trying to be rude, mean, or injurious, but they went TOO FAR with that little obscene comment.

Jakian Thomist said...

I think it's generally pointless to discuss history or biblical interpretation with "Bible" Christians on the doorstep.

I prefer to ask, especially for JH, which Bible version they use, since they have written their own version. Then, ask Why? What's wrong with the other Protestant bibles? Are they heretical even?!

Ask how many books are in their bible? Assuming they say 66 respond that you prefer the non-edited/tampered Catholic Bible (version of choice) with all 73 books because you want the fullness of God's revelation. Which indeed we and hopefully all Christians want!

And leave it at that really unless you want to go into detail on those books.

Pray for them and wait for them to think about what you've said - which, let's face it, is unlikely!

These people will never embrace that fullness unless they question their starting point, arguing on biblical interpretation or even history isn't going to help them, it only reaffirms their assumption that individual interpretation is acceptable.

Matt said...

@Tom: They called him the devil at your door step? Wow.

@Jakian: Another good start with them I think would be to ask them about predicting the end of the world.

"The whole truth is generally the ally of virtue; a half-truth is always the ally of some vice." - G.K. Chesterton