Friday, August 20, 2010

Latin Liturgia Horarum by MTF

Ramil, in the comments a few weeks back, informed me that Midwest Theological Forum has an edition out of the Liturgia Horarum. I have contacted them and am still waiting to hear back. Their contact web form however may be just an internet black hole.

The set of 6 books costs $900 for genuine leather covers. $450 for the hardcover edition. The hardcover looks like it might come in the fruity colored covers just like Catholic Book Publishing Company's english version. But since the online catalog only shows volume one there is no way to tell.

At any rate, kudos to MTF for promoting the Latin version of the current Divine Office.

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Ramil said...

Hi Matt,

Some years back, I remember reading in Annibale Bugnini's book "The Reform of the Roman Liturgy" that the original plan was to produce a revised set of the Hours, including a volume with additional Patristic readings. However, there had been some hesitation on the additional volume(s), because the increase of volumes (from the traditional four, to two, to six!) was making the entire project seem too 'radical' and untraditional. And not very much in the mind of the purpose for the revision of the Office in the first place: to make it less wieldy for busy parish priests.

I don't know if anyone can firm this, but Catholic Book Publishing Company published the selected Patristic Readings in a six-volume paperback set entitled "Christian Readings", still available from them for $4.00/volume (I think they're still available). They just had never been compiled into a formal volume for the Hours, and were offered as spiritual readings.

I'm wondering whether this project by MTF now includes that (those) missing Patristic option(s).

I hope you get a chance to review the set.


Fr. Ramil Fajardo

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