Friday, August 20, 2010

Review: Deluxe Blessed Be God

Preserving Christian Publications, the same people who among other things have brought us the wonderful reprint of the 1962 Diurnale Romanum, have now reprinted "American's Favorite Prayer Book" - Blessed Be God. I have reviewed the contents here before, (going back and reading my previous post - I think I was a bit too tough on it...) and so we will focus on the externals of it this time. However there are a few updates we will cover.

First, the cover is now, mercifully, a soft bonded leather. The main problem with the hardcover reprint is that is was quite thick and sometimes unpleasant to use. I tried several times, by taking it to Mass on Sunday, to use as my regular prayer book but found that since I had to bring my Liber Usualis with me it just wasn't worth it. The Mass readings are missing the propers so it wasn't worth me taking to daily Mass along with my daily Missal. It was too large, and so basically it never got used.

Now however this soft bonded leather edition, which comes in a much smaller form factor at 4x6 and just under 1 inch thick, can easily be slipped into my back pocket. It is flexible which makes it comfortable in the hands. However you do have to work with it a bit to loosen up the binding. Sometimes small books like this are a bit stiff for a while.

The binding is glued and sewn so it should last. It comes with one ribbon which is black.

The liturgical tables have been updated to apply to the modern reader. The year goes to 2041. St. Joseph has now been inserted, via asterisk, into the canon - whereas in the previous reprint he was absent. The indulgences have not been updated throughout the book. Some of them may have "expired" and all are listed by the amount of days, rather than partial or plenary. So keep that in mind as you use it.

Perhaps it is the fact that this edition is just more pleasant to use, but the text appears more clearly on the page. There are a few smudges and I noticed one missing letter on a page, although I can't remember where it was now.

I would like to see Preserving Christian Publications consider binding more of their books, specifically their Diurnale Romanum, with this type of cover. Their hardcover is nice but this would be nicer.

Blessed Be God has been given new life by PCP and I highly recommend it to any and every Catholic out there.

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Robert said...

Thanks for the review!. Might need to get this one.

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