Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

I have a few reviews coming down the pike. I have to just put my mind to it and get them finished.

- The Original and True Rheims New Testament (1582)
- Blessed Be God (PCP Books)
- Scripture 101 (Ligouri)

The last one is a challenge for me because it is so...unorthodox...and I need to really think about what I will write.

The Original and True Rheims NT is incredibly fascinating. Its like a time warp. The layout, when put into a modern font as this one is, reminds me a great deal of the New Jerusalem Bible's format. We've all heard the criticism of it, that the latinisms made it almost unreadable. Hogwash. This Bible has not been reprinted by a large publishing house -some say- due to the more advanced scholarship we have today. However having looked it over now I believe the commentary is the real reason. And that is the reason you should read this version, and it is also the reason why some people should not read it. When I do my review you'll see why. Then you will be informed to make a good purchasing decision.

Protestants have kept printing their King James Versions, Tyndales, Genevas, Great Bibles, Matthew's Bible...but why have Catholics not reprinted the original Douay-Rheims? hrm...stay tuned!


Shazamaholic said...

Can't wait to read what you have to say about the 1582 D-R. I recently found it online at
and I've been slowly reading parts of it. Although I haven't read any Old Testament except for the beginning of Genesis, I understand this edition uses the name "Christ" many times in the OT, where no other version does.

Andy Coan said...

I'm also excited to see what you have to say about the 1582...sounds fascinating.

The Fellow said...

I got a kind of reprint of the old DR from your friend Max. Script. (purchased as a gift from a friend). It's amazing how much more refreshing and at times shocking a 400 year-old commentary is than the tripe printed in any contemporary "theme" Bible you can shake a stick at!

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