Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Douay-Rheims Sympathy Edition

A reader emailed me asking me a question about a particular Douay-Rheims edition. When I went to the site he sent I found this after looking around a bit:

The Douay-Rheims Sympathy Edition. I have never heard of this publication before. There is no publishing information on the site, so I also have no idea who exactly is publishing it. I'll send them an email. Here is the byline for the book:

When a friend or loved one is bereaved, there are many ways to express support - but none more powerful than with the Catholic Sympathy Bible, a beautiful memorial Bible that will serve as a rock of comfort for years to come. The Catholic Sympathy Bible features the stately Douay Rheims text, attractively bound and presented, with an 8 page record section for families to memorialize the deceased. For truly lasting comfort, present a Catholic Sympathy Bible with a Mass card or condolence card when a friend or loved one is bereaved.

Features include:
Special 8 page section at front of Bible for memorializing the deceased
Gold sprayed pages [???]
Padded Hardcover with gold stamping [There aren't too many padded hardcovers these days.]
Measures 5.5" x 8"

I can't endorse it because I have never seen it. Does anyone have this Bible?

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