Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: Divine Intimacy by Baronius Press

This book was actually published a couple years ago. In fact I bought it almost a year ago but am just getting to showing it off to you now. I have very little to say about it except that I love it. Baronius did a nice job with it.

I do not have a spiritual director and so I tend to use this book for sound advice with spiritual questions when I can't get to a priest-confessor. Its awesome. The book leads you through daily meditations and prayers and is attached to the older Roman calendar. Novus Ordo attendees can use it too but they will need to make sure they count Sundays after Pentecost rather than "Ordinary Time" Sundays. Let me just show you some pictures and share a few brief comments.

It is attractive looking.

But I don't care for the leather used here. It is flexible...like a plastic milk jug.

After a year of use moderate use and even some car rides, the gilding has held up. The ribbons have survived.

The typesetting and page layout is fantastic. It has wide margins which help frame the page well for meditating or note taking. This book is meant to be a daily companion, so writing in it might be expected.

The binding is holding up just fine. It lays flat easily and comfortably.

Swirly end papers. A Baronius Press staple.

If you do not pray the Divine Office for whatever reason, this book may be a good substitute. There are two meditations per day so one could have a morning and an evening meditation. It costs $54.95 and is worth it. You will believe me after the first use. Take a look on Baronius Press' website.


Rich said...

I have the Tan Books version. The pages seemed to be photographic copies of the original while this one you post here seems to be remastered text. Also, the Baronius version seems more portable. The Tan Books one is padded and thick.

Barbie said...

I have this same edition and mine has held up over the year as well despite some rough treatment. I'm not in love with the token Baronius hard-as-heck soft leather covers but in every other way it is a beautiful edition and, as you said, contains the best of the best of devotional material for those of us who need solid spiritual direction without access to a good priest. Highly recommend it too-- and loved your review, as always.

Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

This morning I ordered the Anglican Breviary thanks to your posts about it. I thought it was no longer available. I used to see it on the Lancelot Andrewes Press site but not recently so I figured he didn't have it available - wrong!
Now you show me this. I may have to buy it once I learn a little more about it.

Oh yes, good name.

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