Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Stuff

Today was a day for new "stuff".

UPS brought me a new version of Mac OS X that I have needed for a long time. It came with a new iLife and iWork. It has allowed me to upgrade iTunes (which is the whole reason I bought it) so I could upgrade to iOS 4.2.1. My iPhone is now equipped with a "find" feature, since I also signed up for MobileMe and connected my iCal to it.

UPS also brought me a vacuum siphon coffee pot and it is incredible. I've already made two pots today and am thinking of making a third... A fellow shola member introduced me to it and showed me the coffee roasting ropes. I plan on purchasing a home roaster soon. Any suggestions?

The new Mac OS X disc was a little bumpy during the install and the rest of the day was not without irritations. I actually had to reboot the Mac and restart the installation. Now iLife '11 says it will take 2 hours and 31 minutes to complete the install. What the heck?

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Audrey S. J. said...

Matt--what's a vacuum siphon coffee pot?!

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