Monday, November 15, 2010

Universalis for Kindle

I bought a Kindle a couple weeks back. Its a great device. Today I downloaded the Universalis software for my PC after I read that you could put the Divine Office (modern) onto your Kindle. I was wondering how they were going to take care of the navigation...

Universalis did a fantastic job. I'm sure the modern Liturgy of the Hours isn't everyone's cup of tea here. Nevertheless I believe this download is well worth the price you'll pay. You can even download the Universalis software and use it for a month free. The transfer to the *.mobi format is built in to the program. After that all you need to do is drag and drop the file onto your Kindle from your PC or Mac.

For those who want the traditional Divine Office (as I would) there is unfortunately no on-Kindle option that I know of right now except PDF copies which are tedious to navigate. The only other thing you could do is use the experimental browser to view the mobile Divinum Officium site (which I have done, and it works well too) but you'll need an internet connection for that. I went cheap and bought the Wi-Fi only version. So, having the Office on-Kindle in .mobi is best for me.


Moonshadow said...

Very good tip. I had my husband install the Universalis and Calibre apps. on my Mac this morning.

I just now created an ebook for tomorrow's LOTH. We'll see how it goes!

Matt said...

Here's a tip. When you open the eBook, use the directional pad on the lower right of the Kindle to navigate the days. Keep hitting "right" until you get to November 18th. Then you select your hour, etc. with the cursor.

Hope it works for you!

Moonshadow said...

Thanks, well, the eBook I created has only one day for starters, but I did kinda already stumble upon discovering how that square button navigates!

Cecil Williams said...

Why don't they just make the appfor Kindle Fire?

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