Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello again!

Happy Easter!


I don’t believe in blog-fading.  Especially since it is always possible to just log back in and type something.  So no worries – I am not going anywhere.  But nonetheless this blog has been dormant for much of the past couple months.  The reason, and I know this is pretty cliché, is that I have been swamped.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get any busier, they do.  I noticed some time ago that I work 7 days a week between my regular business, the school, and Church.  (Church for me is work as well as religion.)  It has been a great time though, being so busy.  At the end of the (usually long) day it feels like I’ve actually accomplished something.  There are days now where I go from 8am until 1am.   I have also begun teaching private music lessons which has been a lot of fun. 


One bit of news is that my schola at the school is releasing a CD and I should have a link where you can purchase it online by next week or that following.  The cost will be modest, and all proceeds go to support the school.  Our CD will include the entire Requiem Mass, some selected Gregorian Chants, and several Polyphonic pieces all performed by my students.   The final product should be really nice. 


Stay tuned!

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