Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost here...

I received a note in my email from Baronius yesterday saying the breviaries have cleared customs and will begin shipping this Friday (April 19th) from the warehouses.  I assume that means those who ordered them should receive them sometime next week, depending on where you are located.  

Original post:
Chatter regarding thew new Baronius Breviary arriving this week in the warehouses has been brewing on various forums and social networking sites.  Apparently some folks took time to call BP and ask.  However one of my readers pointed out to me that the books may still have to go through customs once they arrive on these shores.  If that is so there may be another delay.

For the traditional Catholic world, or even the mainstream one for that matter, this is one of the most important publications to come out in years.  It is understandable that so many are waiting by their door for the delivery man to arrive.  We've seen some pictures around the net (mine will be better), read some reviews, and now the waiting continues.

This breviary is one of the reasons I started doing reviews.  As the long wait crept from year to year I realized that my Divine Office collection was growing as I tried to satisfy the desire for this set.  So I decided to begin showing these things and helping people make better purchases.

And now we know this set is on the way.   It is actually going to arrive.  I feel like a kid who knows his parents already bought the Christmas gifts, knows where they are, but can't open them until the day comes.


Mark of the Vineyard said...

I too am waiting for my breviaries, only they're a different kind. I managed to find some Bragan rite breviaries, in near-mint condition. They belong to the last edition, back in the 1920's. I've already received two of the four volume set. The other two should be on their way. Can't wait!

Johannes Faber said...

I have it. It's a beaut.

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