Thursday, April 26, 2012

Its Here!

My Baronius Press Breviary has arrived, and along with my celebration I had a fresh cup of Midnight Vigils Blend.   This has been a long time coming and so I am very excited to share this new set with everyone.  

Please be patient for a full review.  I am extremely busy this weekend.  Some of you I know "IRL" are aware that I will be performing in the Brahm's Requiem (chorus member) tomorrow night with the Northeast Pennsylvania Philharmonic.  That is taking a lot of my extra time.  

I have a few initial impressions:
  • The books are very nice.  
  • The print is easy on the eyes, but there is a bit of ghosting.
  • I was nervous of the leather when I saw the NLM photos.  My fears were unfounded.  You will be pleased.
  • The books are rather large and heavy.
  • I really like the common texts put into the back of the book.
  • The ribbons leave much to be desired.  
  • This set is worth the money.


Johannes Faber said...

I'd be interested to know what you're going to do about the ribbons. I'm thinking of doing the card-down-the-spine job, or sewing or gluing extensions on.

They are usable though.

Matt said...

After I do my review I am probably going to exacto knife them out and do a card down the spine.

Timothy said...


I am very excited about seeing your full review, with the usual wonderful pictures that will accompany it. I am a Novus Ordo guy, but do appreciate the traditional breviary. I tend to think it is better than the current LoTH. That is why I have been praying the Little Office (Baronius) for a little while now and enjoying it! I think at some point I may move towards the full Roman Breviary, but with my second child on the way this summer, it may be a few years before I can justify the $350. In any case, looking forward to your full review.

David Garden said...

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Johannes Faber said...

You got spam already lol. So you're actually going to cut them out altogether? Hope you'll put pictures up again once you've done it?

I'm off to the ribbon shop next week lol. Made an appointment wiht a friend and everything!

sekman said...

The ribbons really are awful. They are not long enough to actually use. I will be attempting some sort of replacement for these in the future.

Snapshot said...

Awesome! I just joined the Catholic Church at Easter this year. I, too, appreciate the pre-Vatican II Breviary.

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