Thursday, June 07, 2012


A reader asked in the comments if  the new Latin-English breviary be the one I regularly use?  Honestly - I don't know.  It is certainly too big to be a summer travel companion - even taking it to church with me is a haul.  That being said, it has been the one I've been using since I got it save for a few days.  It has become easier to get around in, and the psalter-up-front has become less annoying.  When I get a chance I hope to add a part 2 to my review of it.  Things are still a bit hectic.

Some of you know that the school I worked for just closed.  Graduation weekend was an incredible success.  But afterwards, we all had to move out of our offices, get our grades in, and whatever else needed to be done.  Graduation was a happy occasion but the closing of the school itself was not.  Life goes on.

Now another one is opening and I've been helping a bit to get that set up.  I hope to continue my music role there as well.  Things will be different but there is a lot of hope, grace, and good will flowing.

If you would like to support the new school, and get something in return, you can purchase our new CD!  It has music by yours truly on it that I wrote for the students.  Please be forgiving with the shipping speed - it will get to you shortly - but the office is not yet finished being set up.

In a few weeks I'll be attending the Sacred Music Colloquium.  I'm a pretty stoked about that because I am in serious need of a vacation.  Colloquium is anything but a vacation, however the trip out there itself will be my time off.  That is because I have decided to take a train across the country.  Can't wait.

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