Monday, September 10, 2012

Whither the blogger?

A reader recently sent in a comment, asking where this blog has gone.  Basically, it has gone nowhere recently.  There are several reasons for this.

I normally don't post personal things here because the internet is a scary place.  But in this case and since I did actually gain a good number of followers here, I'll indulge a little.

Over the past year things have been relatively tumultuous.  The school I worked for (which many of you know) closed.  It was the greatest job I ever had.  I was teaching Gregorian Chant and Sacred Music at a traditional Catholic boarding school.  There was a bit of tumult with the closing as you can imagine.

Then we tried to found another school with many of the same folks, but under a different religious group.  For a long time, things were going rather smoothly - and I was very busy.  Then all of a sudden, with a huge thud, they dropped us.  No school and everyone out of a job again.  I had also turned away another job for it, which would have been a huge opportunity.  That was my choice though and I was comfortable making it.

So now I am trying to figure out just what the heck I'm suppose to be doing.  I have another job, a church gig, and my own TLM parish where I sing and sometimes play the organ.  But its really just not enough.  Things can get rather depressing at times. I'm still busy but blogging hasn't been a priority.

There also isn't a lot of good news lately in the Catholic fine books publishing world.  All of the "excitement", if there be any, is in new editions of the NABRE and NRSV.  But even there the options aren't that great. I really want to show you a particular NABRE.  Perhaps I'll get to that at some point.

I have all but stopped using my Baronius Breviary set, but I hope to pick them back up at some point.  The main reason comes down to the form factor.  They are large books to carry around.  The second reason is all of the commentary in them.  Just give me the psalms and be done with it.  I have been using other breviaries instead. Its unfortunate but that's really the case.  Oh and btw, I did Exacto knife the ribbons, and put a card down the spine from CPB.  Works great and looks even better.

So for now I can't tell you how often I will be posting.  Perhaps I can find another topic to run with for the blog.  Although, I really enjoy looking at fine publications here with everyone.  I also want to tell you about my train ride I took to Utah this summer. We'll see.


sekman said...

I too find myself shying from the Baronius, however, I do find the commentary edifying. The from factor of the Nova et Vetera edition is so wonderful.

I would like to lend some encouragement with your blog, I very much enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Over time I have really enjoyed your blog. I have purchased a Ignatius RSV-CE2 because of your review.

Since finding your blog I have become Catholic and attend a TLM Church. I constantly am on the look our used Missals or a Breviary.

Someday if money becomes available I will be purchasing Missal and Breviary. I am supporting 5 on little pay. :)

I will continue to keep an eye on the goings on this forum. I enjoy seeing the old books you find.

Porn Militia said...

This blog turned me on to the pocket edition of the confraternity translation - it is my BFF. Thanks! I'll give Baronius one more chance if they will ever come out with the Knox edition.

Moonshadow said...

I enjoy your blog, Matt.

Anonymous said...


Until you get that actual book, have you checked out

You'll find the entire Roman Breviary there, in both Latin,and, I believe, the English of the Marquess of Bute's famous translation.

It's a wonderful resource.

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