Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On guard at the 24hr Pharmacy

When I left for this leg of my trip I somehow forgot my all important diabetes medicine. Well, I thought it was going to be brought to me tomorrow but circumstances have proven otherwise. So I figured I would go to the CVS across from my hotel tomorrow and get a few pills to hold me over until I got home at the end of the week.

Well chance would have it that before bed tonight I would get thristy. I went to 2 vending machines in my hotel. One of which had no bottled water (my drink of choice) and the other ate my $1.25. I went to the front desk to retrieve my $1.25 where they told me I could get just about anything I wanted at the 24 hour pharmacy across the street.

So I walked across the street, being told it was a safe neighborhood and that I wouldn't have any problems. When I got there the pharmacy was open so I figured it would save time to go ahead and fill my prescription. There were a few others waiting around for their medications as well but I walked to the desk and gave the kind lady my information.

I walked around the store a bit while waiting and bought a little food (I can't take the medicine on an empty stomach) and a drink, for which I had gone there for in the first place. Having completed my tasks I figured I would go and sit down at the pharmacy.

As I approached the desk a uniformed police officer walked behind the desk to confer with the pharmacist. Once he emerged, one of the other patients waiting was called, he asked him (patient) to place his hands on the desk. Within minutes there were 6 other officers in the little pharmacy area. The guy was a bit put off it seemed and of course denied falsifying his prescription in countless different ways. Of course I have no idea the outcome but it did appear a bit overkill to have 6 officers for one guy's prescription. The guy complained of that to the officers, who asked him if he thought he was being mistreated. A bit ballsy I'd say. The female officer then looked at one of the others and said casually "I think I'm going to go see what is up to tonight." Wow, this is who's protecting us?

And all the while here I am asking for a prescription refill at 11:30 at night at a 24 hour pharmacy wondering if they'll want to see my script too. I must have looked like a nervous wreck. I mean here I am all alone in a hotel late at night and the police are making late night pharmacy raids. Thinking of my long day ahead, having to be up and out by 6:30a.m. and hoping not to have to sit there and prove my legitimacy, I was not excited about those prospects. Though I doubt my diabetes medicine is that sought after as a street drug. I mean, they have no side effects except weight gain and lowering your blood sugar. Deo Gratias, they called my name and I picked up my prescription without any hassle.

The cops have to do their jobs, and prescription fraud is a BIG problem these days. So if they were right on this one then kudos to them. But if they were wrong then I feel bad for that guy. This was too good to blog however to let go til the morning. I hope you enjoy it.

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