Monday, October 20, 2008

Baronius 1962 Breviary Appearing?

UPDATE: Scratch the last update. Sorry everyone, false alarm.

May I suggest, as I always do, that you now go and support Baronius' good work.

I was listening to the Catholic Answers Live Podcast of a recording from last week and heard Patrick Madrid take a call regarding the Liturgy of the Hours and why there were so many different versions. Basically, he stated he was unfamiliar with the modern LOTH but that he had a BARONIUS Press Single Volume edition that followed the 1962 rubrics.

Has anyone heard of this? I am going to begin investigating…

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Brian said...

Hello Matt,

I stumbled across your blog, specifically this post while searching for some information on breviaries. I'm curious which breviary that you are using (I, too, am anxious about the one coming from Baronius, but am trying to find a suitable edition in the mean time).

Pax tecum!

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