Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There is ONE teacher in this Diocese

Three cheers and a loud huzzah for Bishop Martino, who apparently showed up at a forum designed to present differing Catholic views on abortion, something which cannot be tolerated. When I sat down at my desk this morning and began going through my Google Reader I came across this story on Whispers and then followed the link to the newspaper story.

He is quickly becoming a pro-life hero and I'm proud to have him as my bishop this morning. Excellency isn't just a title.

Read the story:
"This is madness people: In surprise cameo, Scranton bishop repudiates USCCB, Dems., et al."

Just one more comment, as it relates traditionalists and one of his comments. Bishop Martino said this:

“No USCCB document is relevant in this diocese,” said Martino. “The USCCB doesn’t speak for me.”

“The only relevant document ... is my letter,” he said. “There is one teacher in this diocese, and these points are not debatable.

The USCCB has a reputation for not being popular with traditionalists. I'm kind of ambivalent towards them because I don't think half of what they do is relevant or necessary. Bishop Martino, in just those two sentences has articulated clearly what most traditionalists feal. Although I'm not sure thats what he was aiming at, he's right on all accounts. The USCCB is not our authority, they are not the shepherd of any particular diocese. The bishop is. For whatever my kudos are worth, I give them again.

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