Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Top Ten Books for 2009

Book reviews have become the most popular feature of the blog. So here is a summary for 2009 of what I consider the my best Catholic book acquisitions of for 2009!


The winner here is the Large Print Douay-Rheims with Ultrasoft cover from TAN/St. Benedict. Their other printings of Douays and RSVs come in a close second. But it is difficult to surpass the absolute beauty of the Large Print DR. For another thing, TAN/St. Benedict have served to present the Douay translation to a much broader audience which this venerable translation deserves.

I also picked up for Christmas the NRSV Notetakers Bible. Its a great book, even if there are problems with the translation itself. I haven't reviewed it here yet. But at the moment it is the only wide margin (ruled...) Catholic approved Bible. Can't wait to break this out for the Spring when our Bible study moves to the Apocalypse.

Another one I haven't reviewed but have come to love is the Ignatius Press RSV 2CE Pocket New Testament and Psalms. The cover is attractive and the typesetting is perfect for a compact edition. I use this on the go, usually during adoration.


I have to give props to Richard Rice's Communio which is available through and the Church Music Association of America. It has gotten be through quite a few communion times at the Novus Ordo parish and I am grateful. Recently I acquired the Communion with English Verses and received a compliment for using it.

The Parish Book of Chant which I just showed the blogosphere how to make ribbons for (thanks NLM readers!) comes in a close second. I use it pretty much every week and it has given me a fantastic resource that I can pick up and run out the door with - confident that there will be something in it I can use for any mass.

And the third time is a charm. The CMAA also republished Dom Johner's Chants of the Vatican Gradual which I have found to be a wonderful resource for learning the spirituality of Gregorian Chant.


The Diurnale Romanum from PCP gets the praise here. But I also made some other very useful purchases over the past year. One being my Roman Breviary in English from Benziger Bros. which is currently sent out for rebinding from McSpadden Book bindery. They are the company which rebound my Liber Usualis. I also purchased two out of four volumes of the Liturgia Horarum which have brought me a new perspective on the modern Divine Office that I am grateful for even if the editions themselves are somewhat lackluster.

A runner up would be the Anglican Breviary. But this has fallen into disuse in my devotional life but for very few exceptions.

I have fallen in love with Baronius Press' Divine Intimacy. The review has yet to appear here but it will soon. The leather cover is not what it should be (its not that bad, really) but the typesetting inside is gorgeous. Plus the content, which is what really matters, is so deep and wonderful that no Catholic who takes the spiritual life seriously should be without a copy of Divine Intimacy. It is also published by TAN Books and is slightly less expensive.

So what will 2010 bring? We'll just have to wait and see!

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