Thursday, January 06, 2011

Plug: WDTPRS Review of '62 Missals

Here is a review done by Fr. Z (like he needs the plug!) which I could never do. Nor would I have any business doing it since these books are not usable by me other than perhaps something to look nice on my shelf.

REVIEW: New Editions of 1962 Altar Missals

I have reviewed some PCP Books here before:

And check out Maximus' review over at


Moonshadow said...

I get the feeling he doesn't like all red ribbons. Even though my daily missal has five different colored ribbons, I don't rely on color. I rely on their relative position in the book. I think most people are this way and color doesn't really matter.

He gives the impression that he's merely biding his time with the "discontinuity and rupture people” who - keep in mind - possess spheres of influence and pass on their viewpoints to younger people, as he does.

Toyin O. said...

great review, sounds like good reads, thanks for sharing.

Matt said...

For ribbons I don't much care what colors they are either. I prefer darker colored ones. One breviary I had rebound came back with a pink ribbon which annoys me. Another I have has all dark blue ribbons that I affixed myself.

Regarding the people comments he makes I don't know what to write except that its fair to say we all are trying to influence folks one way or another. I just posted the review link because I wanted to show the book.

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