Thursday, October 20, 2011

Breviaries Again Printing from Baronius (not yet selling)

I apologize for the hiatus here. My schedule at the school is doubled from last year and I am still struggling with finding the time balance for lots of things I need to do. At any rate, Baronius has yet again updated us on their Breviary printing. It looks like things are back on track. Remember, they originally said it would take a few months from the printing to ordering. So...January? We'll see!

Buy something from them today to help them out. I heartily recommend the Divine Intimacy. It is the best spiritual "direction" book I have ever used.

From Baronius:

----- Update 20th October 2011 -----

We are very aware that this project has been delayed significantly – even the printing is now well over schedule.

Our printer in the Philippines has been beset by a series of typhoons since we gave the instruction to start printing the Breviary. This year the weather has been particularly bad – there have been floods in the area around the plant, electrical shortages and the humidity has been very high for a much longer period than normal, causing technical problems and making it very difficult to print continuously.

The good news is that printing has now resumed, and we are now awaiting a revised completion date from our printer which we will post in the next few days. We understand that the wait for this title has been extremely frustrating. We also realise that we have not always been good at keeping customers updated, and we will try to post more regular updates. We hope we can assure you that we and the printer are doing our utmost to get the Breviaries completed as soon as possible.


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